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How to reinstall .NET Framework 2.0

I write this post with a great feeling of relief. I mean it, sincerely. But first, let me show you this piece of art. It sums up quite well the situation. :-)

Yeah, I know, at least the best Photoshop of the year. But let's get serious, as this kind of issue can cause serious damage to one's brain.

After having some problems running MySQL Workbench (it wouldn't start), I found out that it was related to the .NET framework. I went through all imaginable solutions, from windows update to some esoteric registry hacks. Eventually, I succeeded. You just have to :

  • Delete everything under %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework
  • Delete the %WINDIR%\WinSxS\Policies directory

And then try to reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0.

I don't know if all these three steps are necessary, but the first and second one, without the third, had no effect for me. I also tried quite a bunch of other solutions before this, so maybe there is something else to do than these three steps in order to make it work.

Anyway, everything else I tried seemed to have no effect at all, so you probably should try this. Please let me know if that was helpful or not. If not, maybe I will be able to give you a few other tips that could unblock your situation (I hope).