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Website creation, the easy way

Ever wanted a website creation service? Already tried some? And got tired of all the customization work you've got to do? Well, my mates at 4wonders and I just released a new service: unoome. Basically, it takes care of all the technical stuff. You focus on your content and nothing else.

We thought about 90% of the use cases, so that you don't have to worry about page layout and design. Web is not your domain? Well, it is ours. So let's work together. You want to show your products on a website? We allow you to create "products" pages, the simplest way you could imagine. Maybe you are selling services. You can also create price list pages, again, the easy way. You own a restaurant? There are specific page types for you. All of this is already designed, just put your content in, and you're ready to go. And yes, your website is already available online, as soon as you decide to make your site public. Before making it public, maybe you will want to check our other predefined templates? One click, and your website looks totally different.

And guess what? All of this still looks good. Notice how that was fast and easy. Some themes are customizable, but you won't have to choose how every single detail will look. You choose some general aspects, unoome takes care of the details and tries to make your site look consistent and professional.

The service is available right now, you can try it for free with no time limit. You can even publish your website for free, but it will contain some ads and you won't be able to choose one of our "premium" themes. The interface is in French only at this moment, but our service supports any language. Your content can be in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, whatever.

You can take a tour on