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jQuery 1.6 and backwards compatibility

jQuery 1.6 just came out, announcing big performance improvements, enhanced animations, and so on. At first, my brain cells were like having a big wild party, thinking about all the good stuff.

And then comes the hangover. Not backwards compatible? Maybe some little obsolete things won't work anymore, after all, that may not be so important.

But no, it is definitely important. And inconsistent, in some (weird) way.

OK, .prop() is born, taking some duty off .attr(). .attr() is for attributes (attributes don't change over time), and .prop() is for properties (they evolve. For example, is you want to retrieve the actual value of an input, you will use .prop(). OK, .val() exists. But just for the example. On the other side, .attr() will return the original value). Ouch, here is the first problematic change. Think about all the code that will break now...

But it's not only about that. They say that if you want to check a checkbox, you will have to use .attr('checked', true) instead of .attr('checked', 'checked'). Nice to see this more convenient way to do it, but... Shouldn't I use .prop('checked', true) instead? Attributes are not supposed to change, right?

So I'm very confused. As a plugin user AND author, what should I do? Shall I upgrade my plugins to support jQuery 1.6? As I use my own plugins (no? Really?), that would mean I'll have to upgrade my applications to jQuery 1.6 (no, I won't use a deprecated version of my own plugins. I use them in their last version). But if I do so, I'll probably break a good part of the plugins I'm using. If I don't, people who switched to jQuery 1.6 or newcomers probably won't be able to use my plugins. I don't like this.

Let's say I decide to upgrade my plugins. What should I do for the other plugins I use? Wait their respective authors to upgrade too? What if they don't? I could patch them myself, but I don't want to spend hours understanding how several plugins work. And that's without thinking about testing...

So, as an author or as a user, what do you plan to do regarding this good but non compatible version?

EDIT: Well, it seems that they changed their minds. jQuery 1.6.1 is out, with a fixed .attr() method which should be backwards compatible. Follow the story.