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As a payment, I would be really glad to see this plugin in action on your website. So please just let me know if you use it. Pure curiosity, just to see how my work is being used. :-)



  • Added a pre-loading system. Use the "nbPreloadedPages" parameter to specify how much pages before and after the current page you want to be loaded.
  • Added a PHP helper class to make it easier to integrate server-side


Complete redesign.

  • Standardized access to methods, the jQueryUI way: $('.my_list').universalPaginate('goToPage', 3); for instance.
  • Added an ajaxOptions parameter to allow overriding defaults used when requesting the server.
  • Some internal redesign to make it easier to maintain.


First officially released version, offers the following:

  • Turns any element into a paginated list
  • Automatically clips the page links list and adding "..." when there are many pages
  • Remote data sources via Ajax
  • Automatic data refreshing
  • Templating system
  • Easily customizable
  • Easy integration with your HTML markup
  • Callback on data update
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