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MapServer 5.7-dev for Windows

MapServer 5.6.3 is fine, but there is still a bug in this release. This bug is currently fixed in the SVN trunk, but is not released yet.

If you send a WFS GetFeature request, with POST parameters, you may not have all the data you expect in return. In fact, you will miss the geometry data (yes, too bad :-( ). I really needed this feature to work as soon as possible, so I decided to try compiling the latest SVN version by myself.

First of all, let me tell you that I'm quite a beginner with MapServer... So maybe my instructions are not the best, but hey, it just works. I also assume that if you read this article, you have the minimum necessary knowledge about Windows C/C++ development and Apache administration.

After trying (in vain) a few times following MapServer instructions for compiling on Win32 (these instructions seem to be a bit outdated), I found the Gateway Geomatics package that included all the sources and libs needed to compile it successfully using Visual Studio 2008. But that still needed some adjustments to work just fine. Here are the steps I had to complete to compile MapServer 5.7-dev successfully.


Apache, SSL and private key passphrase on Windows

Today, I solved a problem that has bothered me the past few days...

I won't enter in detail in the whole Apache/SSL configuration, but rather focus on this particular problem: have you ever tried to install an SSL certificate on your Apache 2.2 web server? Typically, you'll have to generate a private key file (yourdomain.key), then a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). While you generate the private key, you will be asked for a passphrase. This passphrase will be asked later to Apache. If Apache doesn't answer, it won't start...