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Hi, I am Pierre-Jean Parra, web designer and developer, engineer at ORU-MiP and co-founder at 4wonders.

Basically, what I am talking about here is web development. But I also write about any interesting topic about development in general, or about any tips I find useful. My main activity is front-end engineering, especially JavaScript user interaction, using jQuery. I share my work on my jQuery plugins page.

I think there is always plenty to learn, and that no one can pretend to be at the top level in any field. So if you have some suggestions, if you think my work could be improved, please let me know.

I learned a lot through my little experience of course, but also through books I read. That's why, when I really love a book, I recommend it on this blog. By the way, if you :

  • plan to buy one of these books
  • like my work
  • want to keep me improving it

You can use those affiliate links you see in the side bar. It will allow me to earn a bit of money to keep this blog running or earn Amazon gift cards that I will gladly use to buy other books from my wishlist. Or, if you are really generous, directly buy me an item from that wishlist (but I'm not asking for so much). A little comment, message or tweet about your use of my work will already be largely appreciated. :-)