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JavaScript Content Assist in Zend Studio 8

Ever been wondering how to get the most out of Zend Studio for JavaScript? I had. With Zend Studio 8, JavaScript tends to be a bit more on the front of the scene. So let's take advantage of this by configuring Content Assist for our favorite JavaScript libraries.

Well, Zend Studio 8 now natively supports jQuery. That's good. But what if, for example, I want to add support for OpenLayers? That's really simple, and it is worth it. Tired of checking the online documentation every 5 minutes when you have to create a new layer? That is for you.

Right-click on your project, the go to properties, then to JavaScript => Include Path.

Then click "Add  JavaScript Library..." and select "User Library".

Click "Next", then "Configure User Libraries..."

In the User Libraries dialog, click "New..."

In the New User Library Dialog, type the name of your new library. Here, OpenLayers. The name doesn't really matter, it is just a matter of clarity for you.

You can see your new library appear in the list. Click "Add .js file..."

Then browse to the OpenLayers.js file and add it, then click "OK" in the User Libraries dialog.

There you go, you just added OpenLayers to your JS Include Path:

You can now click "OK" to close this dialog, and you're ready to go. In my case, Zend Studio needed a restart in order to make the changes effective.

And now, when I start to type "OpenLayers.L"...


There is nothing difficult or really new about this, but it is so useful that I wanted to share.

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